Sticks & Stones 2: The Burning Mist King

A new Mini-Series is in the works!. Sticks & Stones 2 is the “expansion pack” to Sticks & Stones: An MMORPG Story.Just as with the original, it will be crudely drawn on a notepad during my free time. The title is a mash of a few different well know expansions for a popular MMORPG.

This particular expansion is getting a little more fore thought than the original did. I hope to have a scan of some preliminary drawings up soon.

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Sony’s Playstation 3 has been hacked

After almost 4 years of being on the market, someone hacked the PlayStation 3 to run unsigned code. The PSJailBreak (sound familiar iPhone users?), is a USB dongle that is inserted into the PS3 at launch to turn any retail model into a Debug unit. The debug software allows you to install the backup manager to copy games to the internal drive or an external drive. Then you can play the copied games without the need to have the original disk in the system, but it does require you have any game in the drive. is the official website for the “mod chip” and has videos demonstrating the hack in action. At first there were several skeptics due to other fakes on the market, but several mod chip resellers have confirmed the legitimacy of the mod. The unit should also be able to be used for home brew games and applications, but may take a while since the mod has yet to be released. North American distributor ShopPSJailBreak mentions their first shipment is to arrive this Monday, August 23. They currently have a waiting list for those interested in purchasing one. ShopPSJailBreak is listed as an “authorized” distributor for the PSJailBreak, but I do have a few concerns on their website. First off, ShopPSJailBreak is the spitting image of an infomercial. The website has a very ‘clean’ look to it, but reads too much like an ad. I wouldn’t normally criticize this as this mod was just announced a few days ago and it takes a bit of time to create website. BUT, the domain name was purchased June 30, 2010 and the SSL cert purchased July 8, 2010. They obviously knew of the mod and had time to create a website for over a month. I think this ‘distributor’ is directly affiliated with (if not) the creators of the mod. Since the website has been around for a while, they were obviously in the ‘know’ so that sort of adds their legitimacy. Plus their first shipment will arrive on August 23 while other websites are reporting August 27. It only makes since that the creators would get the ‘first’ shipment (on August 23) then distribute to other retailers at that time.

Not sure how I got side tracked on the only North American distributor, but I found it a bit interesting… Anyways, since this mod appears to 100% authentic this leaves us to ponder how long it will take Sony to break this functionality (if at all possible). This is very similar to how the PSP was hacked with the Pandora battery and the only way to break that functionality was to redesign the hardware. Will Sony be able to patch this with a quick software update? Or will a redesign of the motherboard be on its way soon? If a software update is released the dongle is supposedly upgradeable via USB port, but how long until they can crack that? If users don’t update the software to retain ‘backup capabilities’ will new games released require newer software and not work correctly? Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure, I am sure they are some ticked off people at Sony right now. Maybe they should be happy though, this is bound to increase sales of consoles. But could also lead to a decrease in game sales. Time to wait and see.

FpseCE information dump

Time to dump some information after using the new release of FpseCE for a little over a week.

I have been asked several times on what the best INI config file is for the Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium, Tilt 2). The answer is, there isn’t one specific INI file that is going to be an all around configuration for your phone. You may ask ‘Why?’ and the answer is simple. The GAMES! Some games require specific “patches” or “hacks” for it to properly run or look right on your device. That said, I am attaching an INI file (below) that is a good starting point to get you going. In fact, you may not need to change any options depending on the game you play. I’ve only played a few games, but everyone I’ve tried has been good so far. Please note sound is disabled in the INI. If you wish to turn on sound, make EnableSound=ON. Be warned as sound will drop your FPS.

The following is a short list of games that I tested and get good FPS with the linked INI:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Twisted Metal 2

I am sure other games run good, but I haven’t had the time to test very many. Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game and is nice that it happens to get high FPS. On the TP2 FF VII gets (on average) anywhere from 45-60 FPS. Where 60 FPS is the norm for NTSC PlayStation games. FF IX gets a tad lower and Twisted Metal 2 gets around 45 FPS.

The INI has some screen button overlays configured. I recommend using the screen button overlays because using the keyboard drops the
FPS down a LOT. If you find a fix for the keyboard FPS lag, please drop
me a line. You will probably want to customize the screen overlays for each game you play. This INI also works good for Touch Pro 1 and Diamond 1 & 2 models
(possibly others). If you use this for a different phone, be sure to
change the GFXDRV=X to your appropriate screen resolution.

Download the INI here:

For FpseCE device support visit their forums
View the corresponding FpseCE forum post.

FpseCE is Out!

The best PS Emulator for a Smart Phone ( in my opinion). So if you have Windows Mobile you should be heading to this site now and installing it.

First impressions:

I have mainly only played RPGs so far, but the FPS is a vast improvement from the previous versions. I get about 48-53 FPS on FF VII & FF IX. The full speed of a NTSC game on the PlayStation is 60 FPS, so it is not exactly full speed but is also not very noticeable. I briefly tried Gran Turismo and get around 40 FPS and you can definitely see the low FPS there.

I am still tweaking the config file to get more performance and will report back on this later.

PS – The phone I am using of my Tilt 2 (Touch Pro 2) of course :)

New(ish) phone

A few weeks ago I got a new phone that I have been enjoying and I finally got off my lazy ass to review it.

the AT&T Tilt 2 (aka: Touch Pro 2). This phone is my favorite phone
to date. It comes packaged with Windows Mobile 6.5, a 528 MHz processor,
288 MB DDR RAM, GPS, slide-out QWERTY keyboard and much more.


people may boo it for being a Window Mobile phone and in some cases I
might agree with them, but Windows Mobile isn’t half bad if you know…..


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Hello again

Long time no update.

Exciting news in the world of Windows Mobile users. The long awaited FpseCE 0.10 has been said to be nearing release within the next week (hopefully). FpseCE is a PlayStation emulator for Windows Mobile and has been around for several years, but with very little updates to the program itself. There are several youtube videos by beta tester i900frenchaddict that show the awesomeness of this application. If you have no idea what I am talking about visit the FpseCE forums. I go by the name of mastanobu on the forums. So if you see me stop by and say Hi.

I also added and cleaned up some of my links on our links page. Be sure to check out the newly added links.

Small Updates

Apologies for the lack of updates, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has taken up a lot of my time. It sucks Infinity Ward took a huge dump on PC users, but still enjoying it on the 360!

Anyways, I made some updates to the website. The links page is now formatted to the new layout. Although the actual links themselves have not been updated, I plan on revamping the page soon. Changed the title of the site to reflect: “TotalGamerZ: Webcomics, Reviews & Gadgets”. This may change in the future, but it sounded good at the time. Also made some minor updates to other pages most users won’t notice.

Whats left?

  • Update the Staff page to the new layout.
  • Some minor tweaks
  • Play some more COD: MW2